Committed to outstanding customer satisfaction by providing state-of-the-art land surveying services, Lakeridge is a full-time, fully stacked land surveying firm in the US. Our 40 years of expertise in a broad range of disciplines within the land surveying domain gives us the opportunity to tailor-make our offerings according to your specific needs. With the mission to offer you the most efficient and highest quality land surveying services, our team of experts combine their skills and knowledge of local jurisdiction regulations to give you a stellar experience.


Fully licensed and insured
40 years of expertise in various disciplines of land surveying
State-of-the-art technology and time-proven skills and practices
A highly efficient and knowledgeable team


Boundary Surveys

The precise measurements of a particular piece of land can be a tedious task. And that is where we come in. We go beyond the simple physical boundary measurements and conduct an extensive research to ensure they are thorough and accurate. Taking the historic boundaries of the property into account, we assess whether it confirms or conflicts with the previous recordings to give you accurate point to point measurements. We also advice you on current and previous boundary survey records to safeguard you from any unforeseen encroachments or conflicts with neighbouring properties.

Topographic Surveys

If your piece of land shows any manmade or natural features such as previous buildings, fences, elevation, tress, etc, it is necessary to perform a topographic survey. Our most advanced tools offer digital and interactive elevated and other prominent features of the land, which can further be used by engineers or architects to demonstrate visually how the topography will change through a series of planned improvements. Our topography survey services especially help with providing an accurate view of how a particular piece of land has changed through the years, allowing for better planning in the future.

Specific Purpose Surveys

Whether you are rebuilding your house/building or setting up construction for the first time, we have got you covered with our specific purpose surveys. We conduct these when unusual conditions make it impossible or impractical to have any other types of surveys performed. Our team of experienced surveyors help you survey customization and personalization according to your needs. Our surveying services are as specific as the name suggests and we make sure all the specifications requested by you are taken care of.

Legal Description Preparation

Our expert surveyors are well aware of all the rules of the game and their legal knowledge of local regulations comes handy while performing surveys and preparing legal descriptions. We believe a legal document is fundamental to recording all surveying practices and depicting all the necessary information such as where the property is located, what is nearby, and what are the measurements. Giving you the most precise legal document pertaining to your property is of utmost importance to us. Our legal descriptions are accurate, complete, and can be cross-referenced with previous or adjacent legal descriptions representing your property.

FEMA elevation Certifications

Constructions taken place prior to being mapped into a high-risk flood zone can cause bigger problems for property owners than the natural disaster itself. FEMA encourages communities to show compliance with the floodplain management ordinance as it can be used by the owner of the property to receive flood insurance. Even if you don't need one, having one anyway helps you provide valuable information about your company and safeguards you from floods even if your property is in a low-risk area. It also helps in lowering your flood insurance premium.

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